Writing tips and other bits

Don’t be daunted – be inspired

I suggested he re-read an author he admires who writes this way, to see how they handle it. He answered that he always gets depressed reading his favourite author because ‘he’s just so damn good’.

Helping new writers develop their craft

Some writers I work with haven’t done any writing classes or workshops, so they are unaware of the common mistakes new writers make, such as using filter words for action rather than letting the action speak for itself.

The joy of jargon busting

As I waded through columns and columns of similar dot points I rubbed my hands in glee; I hardly understood a word and my inner jargon-buster was looking forward to the brain-hurting challenge.

A full stop is your friend

if you find your fingers hovering indecisively over the keyboard, if you’ve rewritten that sentence countless times and still can’t get it right, if you are stuck beyond stuckness

The brain is quicker than the eye – why typos slip through

I had been communicating with a new client for a few days before he politely pointed out that name was spelt Bret, not Brett.

Why am I telling you this? Surely as an editor I should be more observant, I hear you say. And surely I should be keeping this kind of oversight to myself. You’re probably right, but I couldn’t resist. It’s a perfect example of how the eye can see one thing and the brain can see another.

When is a hyphen not a hyphen?

When it’s a dash! Confused? You’re not alone. For a start, there’s not even a dash on a computer keyboard, though sometimes Microsoft Word will…