Writing tips and other bits

Show don’t tell – its subtle power

You are probably aware of the writing mantra: show don’t tell. There are loads of really helpful posts about it, often illustrated by the pitch-perfect…

Hyphens are here to help

Hands up if you’re sometimes unsure about when to use a hyphen. I know I was before I studied editing. Here’s a tip: a hyphen…

Smooth transitions can help your story flow

Do you feel you need to account for every moment and movement in a scene? I’ve found a lot of new writers do. But look at this extract from Emily Bitto’s beautiful novel ‘The Strays’.

Head hopping can break the spell

I’ve just finished reading a book in which about 90% of the story was from the point of view of the central character, Jo, (limited…

Journey of a self-published book

Every book has a different journey from idea to shelf, but I’m sure there are some commonalities. I wonder if some of this resonates with you?