Writing tips and other bits

Beware the dangling modifier

As an editor, I see dangling modifiers everywhere.

If you don’t know what that means, let’s break it down so you can get maximum word-nerd cred.

Can I turn my business blog into a book?

Adapting your posts as source material for your book is a good start. But the key word here is adapting. Just stringing them together under chapter headings probably isn’t going to cut it. Here’s why.


Wouldn’t it be nice if I had some wise words or helpful tips to offer about avoiding avoiding?

This week I’m in love with …

… Barkskins and Ticking Bomb One morning an old man, his back bent beneath a bundle, his glaring eyes roving left and right, came ricketing…

This week I’m in love with …

Apart from the sheer beauty, for me the way the backing singers support the soloist somehow embodies the strength and resilience of the oldest continuing culture on Earth.