Here’s what some of my clients have to say

Lu has been a pleasure to work with. Her manuscript assessment, one-on-one writing workshops and copy edits have been invaluable in the development of my first novel. Lu has a lot of knowledge and attention to detail which, along with her enthusiasm, really helped me take my manuscript to the next level.

I’d strongly recommend Lu to any writers – she can really help you develop a solid finished product.

Nichola Scurry – Author of ‘With the Music’

My co-author Chris and I engaged Lu to copy-edit our manuscript, Courting Victory. Lu was able to bring together our writing styles (academic and journalistic) and to provide a broad range of editing suggestions that tightened up the manuscript, whilst keeping an eye on the detail.

Happily, Lu was able to return her edits ahead of schedule, giving Chris and I more time to discuss the changes and typeset the document.

Bret Salinger – Co-author of ‘Courting Victory’

Lu did a fantastic job typesetting and proofreading my book. As a first-time author, there was so much I didn’t know about the process of bringing a book to print. Lu’s attention to detail ensured I considered all the decisions I needed to make and that nothing slipped through the cracks. She was very responsive to what I wanted and she also had excellent input that improved the final product.
Very happy to recommend Lu!

Patricia McMillan – Author of ‘Make IT Matter’

Lu is the dream editor – she has vast general knowledge, strong writing skills and an innovative take on any task.

Lu worked with us on our two national quarterly magazines, Inside Small Business and The Strategic Super Investor, in 2013. She worked right through editorial print production, from writing to subediting to image collection to proofreading, and applied herself to any task with equal willingness. Lu was quick to pick up weaknesses, major and minor, in substance and in style. In addition, her meticulous scrutinising of the iPad app saved us from a myriad of embarrassing navigational and textual glitches.

Lu’s portfolio career has given a bright shine to her people skills and her ability to assimilate smoothly into a workplace. I recommend her without hesitation.

Jackey Coyle – Editor, Summit Publishing

I have worked with Lu Sexton as an editor over several years. She is generous and encouraging, bringing previously unseen perspectives and an exacting critique to the work. Lu has always shown an uncanny ability to understand subtleties of style and what the work is trying to achieve and to assist me as a writer in finding ways to realise these.

Her deft editor’s hand has helped me enormously with work published in Page 17, Wet Ink, Visible Ink and other anthologies, and with work submitted successfully for a Varuna Writers Fellowship. Her contribution to looking at thematics and structure in my novel in progress has been vital and her specific suggestions for how to progress continue to prove invaluable.

David Spitzkowsky – Writer

I had the pleasure of working with Lu as my editor for a piece I had selected for a Visible Ink anthology in 2012.

From the outset, Lu established a great line of communication between us, and I found her to be an excellent editor in her ability to be supportive and constructive as well as critical. Her initial feedback and comments were fantastic, and I felt she really engaged with the story and the characters.

She has a keen eye, and a great ear for rhythm and cadence; some of her editorial suggestions very much enhanced the voice of the protagonist in my piece by keeping it consistent. She expressed her thoughts and opinions about editorial changes in a very constructive way, and has the ability to be practical, clear and concise about her reasoning for suggested changes.

I found Lu to be respectful in regard to my writing style, and her editorial work really productive. She was open and approachable, and I felt very happy with the final edit we ended up sending to print.

I wouldn’t hesitate to work with her again on future projects.

Else Fitzgerald – Writer

I sent my manuscript to Lu Sexton for copy editing. She skilfully realised a manuscript assessment was in order. The assessment was brilliant and it gave me about twenty-eight crucial issues to respond to concerning character journey, story arc, time frames, plausibility, tense, and show don’t tell. On top of that we discussed her findings fully as part of my contract.

Now my manuscript has given me purpose and confidence in completing something I will truly value. It is finally, taking shape.

Michael James Bellas – Writer

Lu edited a long and complex strategy. She was quick and very reasonably priced and managed to greatly improve the final project by picking up many inconsistencies we had missed as well as obvious errors.

She was very flexible and easy to work for, it makes all the difference having a professional editor and I would definitely recommend Lu.

Helen Jennings – Director, Wayfarer Consulting

The Torch Project engaged Lu to whip our 2013 annual report into shape and she did a fantastic job. Her editing was informed and astute, her consultation clear and direct. Highly recommended.

Carolyn Dew – Artistic Coordinator, The Torch Project

I was one of seventeen trainee proofreaders for a contract between RMIT and the Australian Defence Force. Lu coordinated all aspects of the contract, organising schedules, directing, instructing, correcting and guiding our team to provide a quality service on time, to the brief and to the client’s satisfaction.

Lu’s sense of humour and endless patience made the project experience thoroughly enjoyable. I would recommend Lu for any form of project and team management work as well as for editing.

Jo Burnell – Writer and editor