For businesses and organisations


Is your document getting your ideas and information across in the most effective way for your readers?

I work with a range of businesses and organisations to make sure their message is clear, concise and compelling. My specialties include translating bureauspeak into plain English and untangling multi-authored documents that have got themselves into a knot.

Lu took a document that was the product of a few people’s co-writing,
which did not have an executive summary, a clear flow or a punchy
wrap up, and turned it in to a well bookended piece that took you
through the story in a succinct and well structured way.

Helaine Stanley – Director, 226 Strategic



About to go to print? Proofreading ensures everything is present and correct, including headings, captions, tables, graphs and page numbers, and is a final check of grammar, spelling, punctuation and style.



Have you made a start on something then ground to a halt? Not sure which way to go next? Let’s write it together.

This collaborative process begins with me creating an outline based on your rough draft and an in-depth phone call. This will give you direction to flesh out some detail for the next draft, which I will then edit, adding or rewriting sections if needed.  There might be a number of iterations until we get it exactly where you want it.

Here’s what a client had to say about this process:

I found Lu’s partnership invaluable in developing an information and
marketing package for our potential clients. She has a rare ability
to grasp complex concepts very quickly.  As a result she is able
to simplify, shape and develop supporting materials on any
topic for any audience, and within a short timeframe. 

Ami Cook – Chief Design Officer, MindNavig8or Pty Ltd





Got the ideas and information but no time to put them together? Let me do the heavy lifting.

Here’s a link to a recent writing job as a sample: