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Not sure what you need? Here are the options.

Manuscript appraisal – the big picture

You are so close to your book that it can be hard to see it as a whole – where its strengths are and where it needs work. A manuscript appraisal shows you this. It is a detailed report that looks at structure and story arc, character development, voice, rhythm, pace and continuity. There may be a couple of language editing examples if needed.

It comes with a follow-up phone call or video call to talk through any questions or ideas you may have.

Lu  delved deep and the report helped immensely in writing the next draft,
which was a massive improvement from where it had started.

Tommy Cotton

If you’ve not had your manuscript read by someone who is able to give constructive feedback, such as a fellow writer, I highly recommend you start your editing journey with an appraisal.


Manuscript development – the work in progress

Want to finesse your scenes, sharpen your dialogue, sort out your story arc?
One-on-one manuscript development workshops help you develop your technique and find your story. This can be especially useful for new writers.

I’d particularly recommend her workshops to fiction writers,
as you’ll be able to work on and talk about sections of your novel
you may be struggling with.

Nichola Scurry

Workshops can be face-to-face or online (Skype or Facetime).


Copy editing – the detail

You probably know every line of your book inside out. You probably know it so well you can’t really feel its power anymore. Copy editing focuses on your writing line by line, making sure the language, rhythm and flow are serving the story and the characters as best they can.

Lu didn’t just pick up grammatical errors and turns of phrase, she made a few clever suggestions for heightening the drama and comedy without losing my protagonist’s voice.

Anna Spoke


Proofreading – the final check

If you are self publishing, proofreading is an essential step. It’s the final check of spelling, grammar and punctuation. Even if you’ve had your book copy edited, you will need to get it proofread. The copyeditor has their eyes on so many things it’s highly likely that a few typos will slip past them, or you might  inadvertently introduce a mistake as you are working through their edits.


Let’s chat about the next step for your manuscript.