Smart Parenting by Dina Cooper

Dina and I were a team on this one, working together right through from first draft to publication.

I started by assessing her first draft, then followed up with a couple of long phone conversations to get to know her subject matter and her approach. I then created a mind map of her key concepts, which we used as the basis for the new structure.

From here I created a draft structure, which we refined over the process. Then the rewriting began. Time was tight, so we worked chapter by chapter , Dina would send me each chapter to edit while she got to work on the next one.  Once the draft was complete, we both reviewed the whole manuscript, tweaked a bit, then sent it out to a proofreader.

While it was being proofed we worked on her blurb (back cover copy) and the prelims and end matter (testimonials, author bio, imprint page, acknowledgements).

I then typeset the book while she liaised with the cover designer.

Amazingly we got this all done in a couple of months. I wouldn’t recommend working at this pace, but it can be done if you have the intense time to devote to it.