‘Lu has a lot of knowledge and attention to detail which, along with her enthusiasm, really helped me take my manuscript to the next level.’ Nichola Scurry

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Lu worked with me on my book ‘Smart Parenting’ from first draft to publication. Her keen eye for structure, her word magic and her wit made it an unforgettable experience. I’m forever grateful for her support. Can’t wait to work with her on my next book.

Dina Cooper

Thank you so much for your work on my book! I’ve had a quick look at most of your comments and suggestions and I can really see the value of a professional copy edit. It’s precious for a writer to see the editor engage with your manuscript in such depth, and in such a supportive way. It builds a relationship of trust. I like how your comments range from word choice and syntax to narrative technique and character development.

Gilbert Van Hoeydonck