Sample Projects

‘One-Night Stand’ by Simon Taylor

Structural Editor & Copy editor

I worked with Simon from early draft through to publication. Simon is comedian and this debut novel is an adaptation of one of his stand-up…

‘ISH’ by Lynne Cazaly

Structural editor & writing coach

This was a very hands-on project, with me deconstructing and reconstructing the draft Lynne presented. The process started with me reading the full draft, then…

‘Rewiring Pain’ by Dr Lisa Chaffey

Structural Editor, Copy Editor & Typesetter

Lisa came to me for a copy edit of her self-help book, which was based on her own experience and new research findings.  The book…

‘The Best of Intentions’ by Gilbert Van Hoeydonck

Copy Editor

I copy edited this debut novel and helped write the blurb (back cover copy).

‘The Entrepreneurial Clinician’ by Jo Muirhead

Copy Editor, Typesetter & Proofreader

This was a typeset and proofread package. It also included copy editing of additional material that Jo wrote after she’d finished up with her editor,…

‘With the Music’ by Nichola Scurry

Writing Coach & Copy Editor, Structural Editor

I worked with Nichola over a couple of years on her charming debut novel. We started with a manuscript assessment, followed on with a series…

These Pictures of Us by Tommy Cotton

Structural Editor & Copy editor

Tommy came back to me for a copy edit after a structural edit. It’s great to be able to see a book reach its potential.…

‘Glue’ by Tracey Ezard

Proofreader, Typesetter

My second book with Tracey. Nice to have writers come back and see how their work has developed.

Mindnavig8or Information and Marketing Package

Editor, Co-Writer

This was a co-writing job. The concepts of Ami’s work are quite complex, so she and I spent a lot of time on the phone…

‘Bubbles and Puddles’ by Michelle Wanasundera

writing coach, Copy Editor

Michelle was new to nursery rhymes and needed help with scanning (rhythm). I reworked one of her poems to scan properly, and sent her some…

‘Smart Parenting’ by Dina Cooper

writing coach, Copy Editor & Typesetter, Structural Editor

Dina and I were a team on this one, working together right through from first draft to publication. I started by assessing her first draft,…

‘A New Beginning’ Anthology

Copy Editor

by Women Who Write (Melbourne). This involved copy editing stories by 20 writers, some of whom had no experience of being edited before.

City of Yarra Annual Report 2017 & 2018

Writer, Editor

This is combination writing and editing job that involves communication with numerous contributors, and ensuring all legislative requirements are met.