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Part book club, part writing class (minus the homework) for new and emerging writers who love words and want to dive deeper into the craft of writing.

I’ve teamed up with fellow editor Steph Preston, to create these online workshops that explore all things writerly.

We’ll bring you some of our favourite passages from fiction memoir and look at why they’re so good and how they work. Then we’ll invite you to join the conversation.

If you dabble in writing, are quietly sitting on your first manuscript or just love words, join us and other word nerds as we unpack the magic woven into compositions by some of our favourite writers, and consider how some of their tricks might boost your own writing.

We meet online in a group of up to eight writers and cover a different theme each session.

Themes for 2023 Curious Writers Book Club series #1

Character: first impressions
Readers often cite that the characters are their favourite part of a story. We are going to look at bite-size character descriptions that rock to inspire your own writing and excite your readers.
( Date has passed. Drop me a line or sign up for emails below if you are interested in a repeat session.)

Symbolism and metaphor
There are plenty of clunky, cliche examples out there, but we are going to show you how symbolism and metaphor can be used to artfully convey vivid, deeper meaning in your writing.
Tuesday 21 March, 6pm AEDT, Tickets on sale now.

Scene vs. summary
Understanding when (and how) to switch between these two storytelling lenses is a great addition to your writing toolkit. We will talk about the difference between scene and summary, when to use them, and what they both offer as storytelling tools.
Wednesday 12 April, 6pm AEST, Tickets on sale now.

Narrative voice: Breaking the rules
Our first session on narrative voice was jam-packed but it barely scraped the surface, so this time we’re going to dig deeper. The focus for this session will be writers who break the ‘rules’ (whatever they are).
Tuesday 16 May, 6pm AEST, Tickets on sale 29 March.

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