Writing tips and other bits

Beware the dangling modifier

As an editor, I see dangling modifiers everywhere.

If you don’t know what that means, let’s break it down so you can get maximum word-nerd cred.

Can I turn my business blog into a book?

Adapting your posts as source material for your book is a good start. But the key word here is adapting. Just stringing them together under chapter headings probably isn’t going to cut it. Here’s why.


Wouldn’t it be nice if I had some wise words or helpful tips to offer about avoiding avoiding?

Should I avoid using ‘said’?

I’ve found that some new writers try to avoid using ‘said’, perhaps worrying that it’s boring or repetitive. But believe it or not…

Don’t be daunted – be inspired

I suggested he re-read an author he admires who writes this way, to see how they handle it. He answered that he always gets depressed reading his favourite author because ‘he’s just so damn good’.