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This week Lu is ...

juggling a few editing and appraising jobs

You don’t have to wait until final draft before you hire a book editor.

In fact, getting feedback early gives you focus and confidence for your next draft.

Ask me how

Where are you up to with your book?

  • have written, revised, written, revised, written, revised and now want a final polish 🙂
  • have written, revised, written, revised, written, revised and still aren’t happy with it (AARRRGH!)
  • have an early draft and want to know if you are on the right track
  • are few drafts in and want some feedback
  • have an endless draft that you don’t know how to rein in
  • started writing it years ago, paused when life got in the way, now want to find a way back in
  • know there’s something not quite right about your draft but can’t put your finger on it
  • something else…

Where ever you are on your writing journey, we can work together to get you one step closer to getting published.

I’m in Melbourne, Australia, but thanks to the magic of the interwebs, I can work with you where ever you live.

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