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doing a mix of editing and coaching.

Need a fresh pair of eyes?
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Where ever you’re up to, I’ll help you take your writing to the next level.

I studied writing as well as editing, so I know the joy and pain of it. I also know how it feels to give your work to someone else to be critiqued – even though you ultimately want to share it with the world, the idea of getting feedback can be a little daunting. But rest assured, I’m on your team. I’m here to make your writing shine.
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With the Music by Nichola Scurry

Structural Editor, Writing Coach & Copy Editor

I worked with Nichola over a couple of years on her charming debut novel. We started with a manuscript assessment, followed on with a series…

Smart Parenting by Dina Cooper

Structural Editor, writing coach, Copy Editor & Typesetter

Dina and I were a team on this one, working together right through from first draft to publication. I started by assessing her first draft,…

Rewiring Pain by Dr Lisa Chaffey

Structural Editor, Copy Editor & Typesetter

Lisa came to me for a copy edit of her self-help book, which was based on her own experience and new research findings.  The book…


Hyphens are here to help

Hands up if you’re sometimes unsure about when to use a hyphen. I know I was before I studied editing. Here’s a tip: a hyphen…

Show don’t tell – its subtle power

You are probably aware of the writing mantra: show don’t tell. There are loads of really helpful posts about it, often illustrated by the pitch-perfect…