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This week Lu is ...

restructuring a first draft of a business book

Whether you have an early draft needing feedback, a final draft needing a polish, or something in between, I will work closely with you to bring out the best in your writing.

I work with a wide range of writers, from novelists to business writers, policy makers to consultants. I also offer typesetting for self-publishers.



Creative writers

I can work with you on all aspects of your manuscript, from story arc to character development, big picture to fine detail.

Options include:

- feedback on early drafts to ensure your story is unfolding how you want it to

- one-on-one workshops to develop your writing skills and/or keep you on track

- copy editing to make your story shine.

Business writers

I help business writers get from brain dump to publication. No matter where you are along the path, we can work together to get your project exactly where you want it.

Options include:

- co-writing and coaching combo to help you get to final draft

- editing to ensure your ideas and information are clear and compelling

- proofreading to make sure everything is all present and correct

- typesetting to get your book into print.

Self publishers

Working out all the bits and pieces you need to get your book published can be daunting. I can help.

I can tailor a package that includes any combination of:

- typesetting
- copy editing
- proofreading
- print-ready conversion of illustrations
- printer liaison and production support.


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