Don’t be daunted – be inspired

I recently worked with a writer to rework his narrator from omniscient (all seeing) to limited third person. This was my suggestion and was a fairly new concept for him. I suggested he re-read an author he admires who writes this way, to see how they handle it. He answered that he always gets depressed reading his favourite author because ‘he’s just so damn good’.

Oh no! Reading your favourite author shouldn’t be depressing; it should be inspiring.

Great writers have spent years refining their craft. You can learn so much from them. Particularly re-reading. You already know what happens next,  so you can take your time to focus on the prose and understand the plotting.

So don’t be daunted; be inspired. There’s so much great writing out there to help you develop your own craft.

My tip for the week: re-read your favourites, see how they work, learn from them.